Memphis Named Top Global Trade City

Memphis ranks 24th in Global Trade Magazine’s annual list of “Top 50 Cities for Global Trade,” based on the city’s volume of exports.

In addition, the editors of the magazine determined which cities had unique qualities and named Memphis as having the “Best Logistics Infrastructure” in the country.

Fun Facts:

  • Memphis is home to more than 140 foreign-owned companies
  • Memphis is the second busiest inland port in the U.S.
  • More than 400 trucking companies call Memphis home
  • FedEx is headquartered in Memphis, making Memphis International Airport the No. 1 air cargo hub in the nation
  • Memphis exports to Mexico rose 29 percent to $1.1 billion between 2006-2008
  • Five Class-1 Railroads
  • The Memphis Metropolitan Statistical area exported $424 million in products to China in 2009