Duncan-Williams, and “doing well”


At a lunchtime address to the local chapter of the Public Relations Society of America Wed., Aug. 8, Duncan-Williams Inc.’s president explained his financial firm’s choice of “Do Well” as its new tagline.

It’s representative of the fact that Duncan Williams wants his investment firm wants to be about more than finance and to operate as something much broader – a major civic force in Memphis.

Certainly, he wants his firm to “do well.” He wants his people to “do well.” Beyond that, he’s taking the same philosophy to the city beyond his firm’s four walls. He wants to support causes and programs that help Memphis “do well”.

He’s taken that broader outlook for many reasons. Consider, for example, that he recruits professionals from around the country – professionals who have to be convinced that Duncan would not only be a good employer, but that Memphis would be an ideal place for them to live.

That’s why Duncan said they decided to do things in the community that you wouldn’t normally associate with brokerage firms. Most go with supporting things like golf tournaments and marathons, while Duncan’s firm supports initiatives like the Downtown Dragon Boat Race, Indie Memphis, Live at the Garden, and more.

They also made the decision not just to sponsor community events, but to “own” them – to be title sponsors and to be visible in the branding of the events.

The firm is also making strides in social media in a way that still is not universally pursued in the financial services industry, with Duncan-Williams having a robust Facebook presence – and recently picking up its first client via LinkedIn.