Hollywood Feed to Host Flea and Tick Event Saturday

Monday’s cover story discusses two retail deals along the Poplar Avenue corridor, one of which includes Hollywood Feed in part of the old Samuel’s Furniture space at Poplar and Yates Road.

The location will mark the local natural and holistic pet merchant’s tenth store in the Memphis area. But it’s not just retail spaces Hollywood Feed is interested in. It’s the community.

“If you look at the total summertime outdoor activities that we’re involved in some way shape or form, there’s about 80 different events,” said Shawn McGhee, owner of Hollywood Feed. “Those are everything from as large as Overton Bark to as small as the Avon Neighborhood Fourth of July parade. If there’s a community involvement event that the community expects us at, asks us to be at or anything like that, we’re going to be there.”

One of those events is Saturday, July 7. Hollywood Feed will be at Overton Bark – Overton Park’s new dog park that the company sponsored the opening of last month – for an educational flea and tick event.

“The food trucks are going to be there and we’re going to be out there helping people with their pest problems – being fleas, ticks and mosquitoes with their pets,” McGhee said. “Our partners from the Bayer Co. that are the makers of Advantix are giving us full support for this event and hopefully, we’ll get a big crowd out there and be able to help a lot of people.”