Duncan Williams and “Saturday in the Park”

When Duncan Williams, president of investment firm Duncan-Williams Inc., told me a month or so ago that the firm was updating its tagline from “A Firm Understanding” to the much more broad “Do Well,” it was pretty apparent to see where that was coming from.

I’ve covered the firm and Duncan for a while, and his is a firm that prizes its place in the wider civic community, let alone among its financial services peers.

I remember Duncan once explaining to an audience of businessmen why he and his firm spend so much time on civic endeavors like sponsoring the Live at the Garden concert series and the Indie Memphis Film Festival, among other things.

Duncan said it can seem at first like those things don’t have anything to do with what his firm does on a daily basis – “but it does,” he corrects the listener.

If Memphis does well, it helps his firm do well. He is recruiting people from around the country to come to Memphis, not exactly the kind of money center that exists on the coasts.

Within that context, Duncan-Williams has launched a video series that will promote Live at the Garden. Here they are, singing Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park” –