Does Memphis have “Something in Particular” ?

Does Memphis have something in particular that makes it a city fueled by creativity, innovation and big dreams?

The folks filming a documentary called “Something in Particular” think it might. They’re shooting across 13 locations throughout the Southeast to “chronicle the people and organizations driving creativity in the South today” – and Memphis is one of the places on their list to visit.

From the project’s website –

“Three self-proclaimed creatives will embark on a 13 city, 30 day trip this March to undertake the bulk of the filming and research for the project. In addition, interviews have already begun in Atlanta and surrounding areas (keep an eye out for them on our blog). While we will not be able to cover all the creative people and places of the South in our journey, we hope it is a strong foundation to a project that can continue on, providing a resource to display the great art, design and innovation taking place across the South.”

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