Congratulations, Jay

It seems ironic that on the same weekend I finally broke down and went to see “The Social Network,” about the founding of Facebook, I also learn that a guy I’ve known a long time who owns a videoconferencing company in Memphis has won a big award for a book he wrote that tells his story.

On the one hand is the story of a wildly successful company whose rise included episodes of greed and backstabbing among the friends who made it all happen.

On the other hand is Jay Myers, one of the nicest, most creative and hard-working entrepreneurs I know who’s gotten some much-deserved recognition for the story he wrote of how his company almost died, then re-emerged.

Jay is the 2010 Ethan Award winner. The Ethan Awards is a literary awards program honoring the efforts and accomplishments of entrepreneurial authors worldwide.

Jay is the founder and CEO of Interactive Solutions Inc.

Jay spoke at DePaul University earlier this month, and here’s a clip of what some of the students recalled learning from him.