Ole Miss Mascot

The Memphis Rotary Club hosted a debate this afternoon on the consolidation charter that goes to voters on the Nov. 2 ballot.

The Daily News was honored to be a part of the panel of questioners for the discussion that made it a quick hour for a crowd of over 100 at The University Club.

Our series of Friday pieces outlining details of different sections of the charter began last month and runs up to the Oct. 13 start of early voting providing a continuing source of information about what’s in the charter. The earlier installments are available on line.
Look for more on the continuing discussion as well in upcoming editions of The Daily News.

But first, some really important tongue in cheek news delivered by Jim Eikner, the Rotary’s weekly newscaster.

Eikner broke the news that Ole Miss has picked its new mascot. It’s a possum because it plays dead at home and it gets run over on the road.

Just remember, Ole Miss fans – it’s Eikner’s joke.